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What We Want You to Know

Posted: 03/23/2021

Current Health Orders from the state and county health departments in effect have caused anxiety and concerns among some. Law enforcement agencies are tasked with enforcement of the Health Orders. The Elk Grove Police Department, along with the other Sacramento County law enforcement agencies, are confident the public will join with us in adhering to the Heath Orders, and we are encouraging our communities to voluntarily comply with the Health Department orders....Read More

Bicycle Safety Month 2020

Posted: 05/11/2020

ELK GROVE, CA – May is Bicycle Safety Month and the Elk Grove Police Department is encouraging those out walking, driving or riding their bikes to look out for one another while practicing social distancing measures....Read More

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Posted: 05/07/2020

ELK GROVE, CA – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and Elk Grove Police Department encourages the community to think about the safety of riders on two wheels and look twice for motorcycles....Read More