The Elk Grove Police Department is a public safety agency charged with the preservation of constitutional rights, maintenance of civil order, assurance of public health and safety, detection of and prevention of crime, the enforcement of Federal and State law, and the administration of the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the City. On April 27, 2005, the Elk Grove City Council voted to create an independent police department.

That action established an 18-month timeline for the City to create its own department by October 28, 2006. The Proposed Fiscal Year 2006-2007 staffing for the Elk Grove Police Department totaled 112 sworn positions and 61 non-sworn positions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Elk Grove Police Department is to improve public safety through enforcement, education, and vigilance.  We focus on neighborhood and community partnerships to facilitate the connection and engagement of our residents in ways that will enhance the quality of life for those who make the City of Elk Grove their choice to live, work and play.

We are dedicated to serving the community and having a presence that is reassuring to residents.  We maintain the public trust through our integrity, transparency, and commitment to excellence.