Purchase Accident Report

You can purchase accident reports from the Elk Grove Police Department online. This convenient and easy process will only take a couple minutes of your time and you can download a copy of your accident report immediately! Before you begin, please be sure to have the following:

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  • The Report Number: This is the unique number that identifies the report you are trying to purchase. The officer or person who took the report should have provided this to you.
  • Incident Date: This date has to match the date included in the accident report. Please keep in mind that this is not the date that the report was taken, but when the actual incident in the report took place.
  • The First and Last Name of one of the involved parties listed in the report.
  • Your Email Address: This email address is used to send you the link to download the report and to send you a receipt for purchasing the report.
  • Major Credit Card or PayPal Account: All purchases are made through PayPal. You can use most major credit cards or a PayPal Account to make your purchase

You will be charged $5 for the report. The amount being charged for the report is a convenience fee charged by Coplogic, Inc. to download the information you are requesting. Elk Grove Police Department can provide the report free of charge. You can obtain a free copy by visiting their lobby at 8400 Laguna Palms Way Elk Grove, CA 95758.

During the purchasing process, you will be asked several questions related to the accident for documentation purposes.

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Insurance Companies

Please contact us at (916) 478-8170 or pd_records@elkgrovepd.org to obtain a special account that enables you to purchase reports in bulk and track all transactions